Treatment Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Treating the root cause of illnesses

During the treatment of illnesses, physicians must find root cause of the illness and eliminate it. Any illness can show some form of symptoms, but in Chinese medicine, these symptoms are only on the surface, they not the true nature of the illness. Only after a collection of the various aspects of the illness, a comprehensive dialectical analysis and syndrome differentiation, then physicians will be able see the true root cause behind the symptoms.

For example headache can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as by cold (chill-wind, heat-wind), phlegm, blood deficiency etc.

2. Strengthening the body resistance and eliminating pathogenic factors

It is the use of herbal medicine to replenish qi, blood, ying and yang, in order to improve the body resistance to illness. Thus, achieving normal physiological activities and to overcome the pathogenic factors, which leads to restoration of health.

3. Adjustment of Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang can go out of balance sometimes, thus one of the treatment principle is to promote the body to restore the normal balance of yin and yang.

4. Consideration of the seasons

It is based on the characteristics of different seasons which will have different effects on the human body, so the treatment has to change accordingly.

For example the spring and summer the climate is warm, therefore warm medicine should be used with caution. Autumn and winter the climate is cold, thus cold medicine should be used with caution

5. Consideration of the local conditions

It is based on the geographical characteristics of different regions. Different areas will have different climate conditions and living habits , therefore medication will have to take consideration into local environment and lifestyle habits.

6. Consideration of the individuals

Medication has to take different age, gender, physical, lifestyle and other different characteristics into considerations.

For example the elderly has to be caution with laxatives, pediatric medication for kids have to be in small dosage. Individual with excessive yang and deficiency of yin has to be caution with warm medicine. Individual with excessive yin and deficiency of yang has to be caution with cold medicine.