What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

History of Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine originated in China, it is the summary of the experience and wisdom of the Chinese people's long-term struggle with diseases. It is a type of medical science to treat diseases with natural herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise and dietary therapy.

Chinese medicine has a long history of thousands of years, during these thousands of years it had made tremendous contribution to the healthcare of the Chinese society.

With its significant effect, unique treatment methods, theoretical system, and the vast number of historical data, even after thousands of years, it still stands tall in the world of medicine.

The invention and birth of Chinese medicine is not of one hand or one age, but from the vast number of the ancient Chinese people through continuous discovery and accumulation of repeated observation and verification and constantly summarizing the basics fundamentals of Chinese Medicine.

After thousands of years and countless dynasties, it gradually formed into a unique system of medical treatment methods.